Nomos and Respondents / PSP’s​

Potential Benefits

Nomos will deliver you the capability to realise real-time, transparent, enhanced reliability, cross-border payments though your existing Correspondent bank. This will significantly reduce your nostros funding requirements, will improve your liquidity, and reduce some operational costs and risks.

Payments Implementation

Using the existing connectivity you have with your Correspondent Bank, you need only sign up to the new engagement contract to start obtaining the benefits. You will additionally have access to a portal to load your transaction risk profile and have the option of a direct relationship with Nomos where you wish to receive payments 24/7/365.

Working with Nomos

Nomos does not deal directly with Respondent banks at this time. We suggest that you explore through your Correspondent Banking partner. We will provide further contact details on the Correspondents working with Nomos as we become authorised to do so,

Impact on my Correspondent Relationships

You should look to maintain the existing relationship to benefit from their support for Nomos infrastructure and look forward to enhanced service capabilities in both transactions and cash management.