About Us

We are a new FMI addressing cross-border payments and cash management

A Partnership With Central Banks

Delivering improved oversight, transaction transparency, improved compliance, and a significant reduction in systemic risk.

Redeveloping The Correspondent Model

Delivering costs savings in cross-border payments through improved capital efficiency and reduction in scope of payment operations, by changing the role of the Correspondent bank.

New Opportunities

An evolving platform that will later support smart payments and real-time DvP settlement of securities.

Our Solution Principles

Minimise Transition Costs, Effort and Risks

Maintain existing connectivity and messaging standards, flexibility in determining new target operating models, tech integration is optional initially.

Reduce Cost of Operations

Eliminate requirement for certain operational tasks such as compliance and payment failure handling.

Capital Efficiency

Leverage central banks reserves to increase yields; eliminate need for nostros liquidity; integrate into a wider pool for liquidity netting; eliminate trapped liquidity; reduce liquidity ratios.

Enhanced Transparency and Information Flows

Real-time transaction status available directly to Correspondents and onward to their customers. Price transparency where required.

PFMI Standards

Working to support the BIS framework for PFMI’s

Reduce Systemic Risk

Counterparty risks eliminated, no more Herstatt Risk.

Our Solution Approach

Multi-lateral Synchronous PvP Settlement

Multiple transactions are simultaneously settled in a synchronous linked chain, that eliminates role of intermediaries in a riskless manner.

Lowest Cost Dynamic Payment Routing

Real-time, optimised, competitively provided liquidity, algorithmically matched in a dark pool for any transaction size.

Screening & Compliance Orchestration

Considerably reduce payment rejections thru pre-loaded recipient risk policies, mandated LEI’s and standardised transaction data presentation.

ISO 20022 Messaging

Working with the current messaging standards and existing API integrations including SWIFT.

Real-time 24/7/365 Respondent-Respondent

Operating all hours, delivering in minutes, avoiding intermediaries by directly transferring from Sender PSP to Recipient PSP using existing Correspondent connectivity.

Multi-tier Netting for deferred transactions

Netting at Correspondent bank and then with Nomos pool for deferred transactions supported by new liquidity optimisation tools.

Delivering Legal Finality

Legal finality in real-time during RTGS opening hours, or upon reopening.

Eliminating Trapped Liquidity

Always available central bank liquidity, to transact and settle during closed hours of RTGS operation either on spot or options basis.

Multi-Currency Cash Custody, 24/7/365

Hold cash balances in any supported currency at central banks with real-time liquidity.