Central Banks

The Issues we address:

Meeting the FSB Objectives for X-Border Payments

The Nomos solution if implemented by the majority of the worlds leading Correspondent banks and supported by the G20 Central Banks would deliver the FSB objectives [document link] in speed, cost and transparency.

A solution for multi-lateral CBDC Settlement

The Nomos approach is fully supportive of both liquidity provisioning and multi-lateral settlement of digital currencies including CBDC’s. This provides seamless forward and backward integration with the existing legacy systems without fragmenting liquidity.

Improved Compliance and Sanctions Enforcement

Mandated LEI’s, enhanced data standardisation and presentation with real-time integration with bank risk policies.

Reduction in Systemic Risk

Reduction of number transaction principals, reduction of financial institution cross-holdings in commercial bank money; elimination of Herstatt risk; real-time PvP settlement

Enhanced Tools for Market Oversight

Real-time transaction visibility to Central Banks with ability to assess the nature of FX Flows, market liquidity, and foreign balances of domestic currency.

Improved Capital Efficiency in the Financial System

Creating market wide pools of liquidity, reduction in locked liquidity, elimination of trapped liquidity, reducing capital allocated to manage risk due to risk reduction.

Partnering with Nomos:

Operational Authorisations on Central Bank Accounts

Nomos seeks authorisations to operate accounts at central bank as a new global Financial Market Infrastructure.

Impact Modelling using Simulations

We offer full simulator and modelling of the platform to test and evaluate the full impact of the service on all aspects of central bank operations and risk management.

Compliant with PFMI Standards

Nomos intend to be fully compliant with the BIS PFMI Standards

Pilot Participation in 2025

Pilot with several central banks envisaged for 2025 to show effectiveness and capability of system and test of all aspects of implementation.

Settlement Services

Nomos seeking authorisation to operate a PvP settlement service on the RTGS to support cross-border payments using central bank accounts.

Custody Services

Nomos seeking authorisation to operate a funds custody service on the RTGS to support liquidity and institutional cash management using central bank accounts.