The issues we tackle:

Correspondent Costs

Delivering costs savings (we target 25%+) in cross-border payments and cash management through improved capital efficiency and reduction in scope of payment operations.

Correspondent Services

Delivering real-time (under 30mins, typically 30 secs) cross-border payments with full transparency and reduced failure rates 24/7/365; lower cost deferred bulk payments; expanding direct currency support

Correspondent Growth

De-risk the growth of Respondents as clients; expanded operational profitability; redeploy capital to other business lines; enhanced market competitiveness especially vis-à-vis challengers.

Delivering Value

Evaluating benefits and transformation

In partnership with one of our preferred consultancy groups, we work with you to fully evaluate the detail cost savings opportunities and the challenges and timeable behind realising them to arrive at a project NPV within 9 months.

Improving Capital Efficiency

Delivering Costs Savings in cross-border payments through improved capital efficiency and reduction scope of payment operations.

Improving Payment Operations

For your correspondent activities we eliminate the need for compliance and payment operations. For your respondent role we reduce the activity intensity of those functions. We deliver real-time transaction data to your support and customer service functions.

Evolving Regulatory Approaches

Option to reduce the number of regulated banking entities without impairment of services. Additionally extend your global reach to our supported currencies without needing incremental investment.

Enhanced Services for Client

Delivering faster, lower cost, transparent transactions, and enhanced cash management in real-time 24/7/365

New Product Potential

Smarter, cheaper quicker payments in more currencies than ever. Faster deliver of new product ideas on a flexible global utility infrastructure.

Our Solution Approach

Integrating with Cross-Border Payments

From being an intermediary in the transaction flow, the Correspondent transforms into a connectivity aggregator focussed on the value adding functions of liquidity provisioning (FX and nostros), and transaction flow data.

Integrating with Treasury & Cash Management

A single interface to all your cash management requirements operating 24/7/365 that lets you optimise your liquidity, risk profile and balance sheet.

Our Engagement Model

We interface to you globally though our preferred engagement partners that have the depth of experience and knowledge of us and you to de-risk the engagement and share the learning of how best to realise the substantial available benefits. We start by jointly evaluating and modelling the cost benefits and how to realise them.

Our Engagement Partners

Talk to us directly or contact one of our partners: